Franklin Correctional Facility

Important Information:

  • The bus arrives back at the facility for pick up at 3:00 PM. It is your responsibility to time yourself accordingly and be ready for pick up as there will be other REYN or SHYNE Family Members waiting for their pick up as well.
  • The hospitality house opens at 6:00 AM for registration and is equiped with bathrooms and lockers for your convenience.  No personal posessions are allowed past this point with the exception of your locker key and any money you wish to bring with you.
  • All visitors 17 years of age and under must present birth certificate and visitors 18 and over must have a valid identification card or visiting will not be permitted.
  • Visitors are required to pass through metal detectors. Women are advised to avoid wearing underwire bras or hair pins.

Franklin Correctional Facility is a medium security state prison located in Franklin County, New York. The prison is in the town of Malone near Upstate Correctional Facility and Bare Hill Correctional Facility, both medium security prisons. Upstate C.F. was established in 1998 to house special prisoners with a history of assaultive behavior.

Franklin Correctional prison opened in 1986. Among the programs offered to the inmates is participation in social programs to aid residents of the region. Almost every prisoner has a work assignment, either within or outside the prison.

This page is for general informational purposes only, for official policies and procedures please contact the Department of Correctional Services or visit

Franklin Correctional Facility
62 Bare Hill Road
P.O. Box 10
Malone, New York 12953-0010
(518) 483-6040