REYN or SHYNE Community Reintegration Program was founded to lower the recidivism rates in our communities and provide ex-offenders with a real option for change.

Our plan to accomplish this goal is to first provide safe and reliable transportation to family members and friends who are interested in visiting their loved ones in New York State correctional facilities.Our buses are clean, our staff is courteous and polite, and the environment is warm and welcoming.

It is our belief that the process necessary to restructure a person's life after incarceration begins before the inmate is released. Because REYN or SHYNE is able to connect with these families during the beginning stage by providing transportation, we are able to strengthen the inmate support system and help to maintain the family bond which is essential in a person's process towards betterment. 

REYN or SHYNE will then work with the inmates following their release in an effort to help them restructure and rebuild their lives by providing services like employment counseling, peer mentoring, health insurance and financial advisement, HIV and AIDS awareness classes, juvenile intervention programs, fitness/stress reduction classes.

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